A reminder about crime prevention during the winter months

The Soulard Special Business District, in partnership with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, would like to remind residents and visitors of some helpful tips to prevent crime during the holiday season and winter months.  Among the most important tips, is to not leave packages unattended on your doorstep.  Some other helpful advice includes the following:

  • Lock your vehicle at all times
  • Park in well lit areas
  • Before you get to your destination insure you lock items in the trunk
  • DO not leave things in plain view
  • If you will miss it, keep it with you
  • Stay off the phone and check your surroundings as you are parking and once you parked
  • Try not to park on side streets and or in alleys
  • Do not leave weapons inside of car if you insist then get a car safe
  • Aware of surroundings

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