Security Patrols

Providing security patrols throughout the District is the primary security activity of the Soulard Special Business District. Since the District’s inception, the SSBD has provided supplemental security patrols (i.e., supplemental to the ongoing policing activity of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department) throughout the District. Supplemental security patrols are scheduled daily and are manned by off-duty police officers (which means they are uniformed, armed, carry police radios and have arresting authority).

The City’s Finest is the St. Louis security company provides the supplemental security patrols for the District, providing both mobile (car) and bike patrols. Computerized reporting, crime statistics tracking, ongoing communication with SLMPD and GPS technology are utilized to maximize the timing and effectiveness of supplemental patrols in the District.

All areas of the District are patrolled daily, including streets, alleys and parking lots. GPS technology is used to ensure complete and timely coverage of the District. Below is a sampling of recent security patrols:

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