Protect Against Catalytic Converter Theft

Throughout 2021, catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise throughout the city and county. Toyota Prius and Honda Element models, along with vehicles like vans, SUVs and buses that are easier for thieves to get under, are being hit most often. Police recommend parking in a well-lit area or garage, if possible.

Additionally, in order to help protect your vehicle, many auto parts stores also sell shields that can be installed over the converter to make it more difficult to take. The Soulard Special Business District (SSBD) is launching a new program to help residents within the District take that preventative measure. 

Credit: SLMPD Third District Police

Protecting your catalytic converter with a shield is a two-part process. Step one is acquiring the particular shield for your vehicle model, which can be purchased via Amazon or other online / auto retailers and should be under $200 for most makes and models (which is about ⅓ the cost of a converter replacement, if stolen). The second step is installation. Through a partnership with Don’s Muffler Shop on Cherokee Street, SSBD is offering free catalytic converter shield installation (a $125 value) for all residents within District boundaries (visit to see if you live within the boundary). If interested, please contact SSBD Board member Jim Rick at for a voucher.

If you experience theft of any kind, please report it to the police. Reporting crime accurately is important and it influences patrols assigned to the Soulard neighborhood. Call 314-231-1212 for any non-emergency reporting.

To learn more about the SSBD, visit Approved by voters in 1994 as a “Special Taxing District” and funded by a property tax, the SSBD’s primary purpose is to provide enhanced security for the District. This includes private security patrols (off-duty police officers), security products to residents (free club locks, etc.), crime and safety education and other safety-related services to residents living within the boundaries of the District. The seven person Board, appointed by the mayor, includes residents (Terry Hoffman, Jim Rick, Bill Clendenin, Billy Tomber, Molly Dougherty) and business owners (Luke Reynolds, Adam Tilford). The Board currently has an opening for a Residential Property Renter, with the term beginning in 2022. For more information, contact

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