Soliciting Proposals for Prospective Communications Manager

The SSBD is seeking proposals and/or inquiries for a part-time Communications Manager position. The proposed scope of work for this position is as follows:

  • Build and gain positive press coverage for the SSBD (and Soulard crime resolution and prevention activities) via press releases, media training for SSBD Board members, media interviews and proactive directed press messaging.
  • Develop and create new/ongoing content in the form of written stories, photographs and video assets that support and reinforce the ongoing actions and activities of the SSBD, crime resolution success stories, crime safety tips and other crime and safety enhancement stories.
  • Create an impactful social media presence across multiple social media channels including NextDoor, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to drive followers to and to reach a large portion of Soulard’s residential and visitor demographic.
  • Maintain and update social media accounts with weekly content and activities the SSBD is taking to reduce crime and enhance safety in the SSBD boundaries.
  • Work in conjuction with SSBD web developer to re-design and update site content on in order to increase traffic and improve messaging.
  • Maintain site content on an ongoing basis to ensure all site content is current and meets the SSBD By-Laws and legal requirements for public disclosure of SSBD activities.
  • Provide and monitor feedback and requests from in order to improve communication with residents.

Please send inquiries, questions and/or proposals to by no later than close of business Friday, July 26,2019.

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